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Wilkins Avenue AR is a leading creator of premium Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, both in-store & online. We mix the physical & digital worlds. We created the world's biggest AR location-based experience, showcased at Comic Con Paris.

We are currently working with high-profile brands to turn physical retail into stunning digital experiences and to bring that magic to consumers at home. We reinvent the shopping experience with AR.

Our technology and our unique creativity can be deployed on any kind of devices, from smartphones to AR headsets.

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Creating stunning experiences


We are digital AR storytellers.

The digital world has been fast-forwarded. We use Augmented Reality (AR) to add a touch of magic to reality and make the impossible, possible. We bring narrative, awe and enchantment to any product or location.

Our mission is to enchant the real world and create powerful emotional connections between customers and retailers.

We are an award-winning creation company specializing in AR Retail-tainment.

Our team of 3D designers, engineers, developers & visual artists has extensive credits, working for major brands such as L'Oreal, TF1 & Reed Exhibitions or on major movies such as "Minions" & "Despicable Me".

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Reinventing the shopping experience with Augmented Reality, on-site & remotely.

Our proprietary technology turns any physical location and product into a never-before-seen experience and brings that magic to consumers at home. We create spectacular, interactive animations as layers of digital, 3D content overlayed onto the real world.

We reinvent experiential retail in the post-Covid era.


AR shopping experience


From Entertainment to Retail, Fashion & Luxury


AR experiences are the future of Retail.

In 2020, US ecommerce penetration was fast-forwarded 10 years in just 3 months. New shopping experiences need to integrate an omni-channel approach to unify brick-and-mortar, mobile and upcoming digital platforms such as AR glasses.

At Wilkins Avenue AR, we leverage our expertise in entertainment & innovation to engage your customers and make them want to buy more of your products.


We work to augment physical points-of-sale and to turn any location into an incredible Flagship experience. We also bring the experience directly to consumers through live-video and at-home AR experiences & product visualization.

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Thanks to Wilkins Avenue’s AR technology we are able to give life to our iconic Flagship Store and create an even stronger link between the brand and our clients.

Julie Audouin-Urdangaray

General Manager, Lancôme France

Wilkins Avenue's Spatial Computing AR experience creates a new way to promote products.

Thanks to Augmented Reality, the possibilities to renew the customer's experience are endless.

Stevens Jacquot

Head of Innovation Showroom, TF1


Thanks for an amazing experience. Can't wait to work with you guys again at the next Comic Con!

Lucille Bonamy

Head of Sales, Reed Exhibitions

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A world of new experiences


We take AR to the next level


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