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A Week of Innovation: Wilkins Avenue AR's Exclusive Showcase

Last week was a landmark moment for Wilkins Avenue AR as we unveiled our latest achievements in Spatial Computing and Augmented Reality. At an exclusive demo, we presented our experiences using the brand-new Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 to a select group of industry leaders.

We were honored to host representatives from L'Oreal, Chanel, LVMH, Altavia, Hermès, Disney, Warner Bros, KPMG, Hub Institute, Westfield, Orange, Daphni, and more. The feedback was extraordinarily positive, affirming our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AR and MR technology.

Our demonstrations highlighted not just the technological prowess but also the creativity and vision of our team. It was a powerful showcase of how we’re redefining experiences in retail and entertainment.

As we move forward, we’re fueled by the enthusiasm of our partners and peers. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and insights into our journey of innovation and discovery in Spatial Computing and Augmented Reality.


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