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Announcing Wilkins Avenue AR's Augmented Livestream solution

Updated: May 24, 2022

A world first : Wilkins Avenue AR created the first-ever solution for Augmented Livestreams. Brands can now engage their audience & increase conversion like never before, thanks to the power of AR and live video. We bring the metaverse to live-streaming.

Maison Berger Paris was the first brand to use Wilkins Avenue AR's proprietary technology. Maison Berger’s new flagship store in Paris was transformed into a winter wonderland thanks to the power of AR.

In this enchanted scenery, an influencer presented live on Instagram the new collections of the brand as well as its most emblematic products, enhanced with exclusive 3D contents. Spectators had the chance to become an integral part of the experience, by being able to interact in real time with the presenter through the use of 3D avatars - thanks to Wilkins Avenue AR's Augmented Livestream solution.


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