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3 Top Learnings from VivaTech 2024 by Wilkins Avenue AR’s founder Thibault Mathieu

Our CEO & founder Thibault Mathieu and the Wilkins Avenue AR team were invited by Business France to Viva Technology 2024. And this edition was amazing for us with hundreds of visitors and key discussions with leading luxury, retail and tech brands. Check out our video to discover what happened on the Wilkins Avenue AR booth and read the 3 personal learnings from Thibault:

My 3 personal Learnings from VivaTech 2024 with Wilkins Avenue AR💡

1. The AppleVisionPro is a real traffic stopper 🤩

Just put a device on a booth and you will get 500+ visitors in one day - and imagine the benefit in store!

But more than the buzz, it was amazing for me to see the unique - almost magical - impact it has on any consumer as soon as they immerse themselves in a Spatial Computing environment. I am more convinced than ever thatXR will transform how brands and consumers can interact, at your point of sales, your flagship event or even in the near feature at home!

🙏🏼 Many thanks to all our visitors and particularly to the Hub Institute who named us one of the top 10 must-see from VivaTech. We also had so many great exchanges with the teams at L’Oréal, Chanel, LVMH, Apple, Meta, Orange, OpenAI, VO2Group, Limitless Innovation, Bearing Point, mc2i…

2. Wilkins Avenue AR expertise is unique! 

It’s quite easy sometimes when you are working every day on the small details of your products and services to forget where you stand in your own industry. But I realized spending 3 days walking around VivaTech that there was almost no other companies able to build such high-end and ready-to-scale XR experiences tailor-made for retail and luxury use cases. Big kudos to the amazing Wilkins Avenue AR team who pioneer every day in this field. 🚀


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