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Latest interview on BFM Business National TV - Morning Show : About Apple's Imminent Announcement

Apple's upcoming announcement could drastically alter the Augmented Reality and Retail sectors. Our CEO, Thibault Mathieu, discussed our vision and the potential impact of this news on BFM Business' Good Morning Business, with Christophe Jakubyszyn, Laure Closier, Noémie Wira and Anthony Morel.

Thibault was invited to Good Morning Business to share his thoughts on how this announcement could affect not only the tech industry, but also our daily lives. The potential applications of Augmented Reality, especially in the retail sector, are vast and groundbreaking.

As a leader in AR solutions for the retail industry, Wilkins Avenue AR is already shaping the future of shopping by collaborating with major brands such as Lancôme, Maybelline, Hermès, L'Oréal, Tissot, Unilever, Meta, Snap and others.

Thibault shed light on our approach to staying at the forefront of this exciting technological shift. He emphasized that innovation is at the heart of our strategy and that we're prepared for this potential turning point in AR.

Apple's announcement is expected to cause waves across the tech world and beyond. At Wilkins Avenue AR, we are not just bracing for the impact, but eagerly anticipating the opportunities it will bring. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more insights on this topic.


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